Community Service

Due to limited availability it may be necessary for you to perform service outside of the Glenn Heights area. Completing community service with a non-profit organization that provides services to the general public that enhance social welfare and general well being of the community.

Recording Hours & Required Documentation

Obtain the supervisor’s initials each time you check in and out from working. Record all the hours you work and submit the Glenn Height’s time sheet (PDF) to the Court. (This is the only acceptable form.)

You are responsible for obtaining on business letterhead, a letter from the nonprofit organization that you completed your community service with. It must be the signed originally from the individual that approved your community service time. Failure to provide a letter shall require parent/guardian to appear at show cause hearing.

It must not be an immediate relative or relative's place of employment. The supervisor is not required to keep a record of your time, you are.


Follow the rules while performing community service. Some examples are:

  • Do not deliberately destroy or deface any tools or property
  • Never accept any tips or cash from anyone in association with my community service
  • Arrive on time
  • Obey the site supervisor
  • Wear appropriate clothing to work
  • Do not leave the work site without permission
  • Do not carry any sort of weapon
  • Do not use abusive language

Extensions & Failure to Complete

Extensions will not be given for any reason.

Failure to complete your court ordered community service and returning your time sheet before or on your due date will result in either a warrant being issued for your arrest, additional fees, suspension or denial of your driver’s license.