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Posted on: October 4, 2023

City-Wide HOA Meeting (Q&A's)

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Why am I receiving two (2) property tax bills, one from Ellis County and one from Dallas County?

  • Glenn Heights residents who live in Ellis County will receive a tax bill from both Ellis County and Dallas County. This does not constitute double billing. Ellis County will bill for itself, Red Oak ISD and Lateral Roads. Dallas County will bill for the City of Glenn Heights only. 
     (See below for Dallas and Ellis County Tax Bill Comparison) 



Do residents who live in Dallas County pay more in property taxes than those who live in Ellis County?

  • Glenn Heights residents who live in Dallas County will pay property taxes to more entities than the Ellis County residents. They will pay: 1) Dallas County, 2) Dallas Hospital District, 3) Dallas College District, 4) DeSoto ISD, 5) City of Glenn Heights, and 6) School Equalization.
  •  Ellis County residents pay: 1) Ellis County, 2) Red Oak ISD, 3) Lateral Roads, and 4) City of Glenn Heights

When will the city be able to use ID badges for the Community Center?

  • ID badges will be available as soon as the new recreation software is installed.
  • The new recreation software called Active Net is scheduled to be installed and implemented between November 2023 – January 2024.
  • Once the staff is fully trained by January 3, 2024, the ID badges will be issued to the members.

How can our neighborhood get some speed humps to control the speed?

  • File a petition that has the signatures of at least 51% of the property owners in the primary affected area (i.e., neighborhood block)
  • Complete the Traffic Calming application.
  • City will conduct a traffic study using a speed calming radar to collect data over a period of time.
  • City Council review and approval of a suitable traffic calming methodology (where applicable).
  • Implement the new traffic calming methodology: A) adding signage, B) speed calming trailer, C) Police enforcement, D) adding speed hump.
  • Approximately 2 weeks for traffic study. If the device is warranted, then City Council approval would be required which is solely dependent on City Council agenda schedule.

Where can we find information on speed calming?

What percentage of traffic calming petitions and applications get passed?

  • 0 out of the most recent four studies did not provide enough data warranting a calming device.

Does the City of Glenn Heights have its own Chamber of Commerce?

  • No, but the city has partnered with the Red Oak Chamber of Commerce to promote the businesses from the Glenn Heights community.

Can the City “smooth” out the connection between the concrete and the asphalt at the intersection of S. Hampton Road and Bear Creek Road? If so, when can it be repaired?

  • City Mangers office is awaiting an assessment to be completed by Public Works.

When will the City repair the roadway condition of South Uhl Rd near Ovilla Rd?

  • This portion of S. Uhl Road borders the cities of Red Oak and Glenn Heights.
  • Red Oak has already contracted with a firm to design and construct a two-lane concrete street with curb and gutter along S. Uhl Road. This improvement is only for the Red Oak side.
  • The City is in the process of partnering with Red Oak to utilize the same firm to redesign and construct S. Uhl Road into four lanes (two northbound lanes in Red Oak, and two southbound lanes in Glenn Heights).
  • The newly reconstructed four-lane street will commence at the intersection of Ovilla Rd and S. Uhl Road and end at the intersection of Harmony Way and S. Uhl Road.
  • No further information is available yet.

When will the new water and sewer rate increase take effect?

  • The new water and sewer rates will be reflected on the October bill that will be due on November 15th.

Is there an app for water customers to use that will show how much water they are using?

  • The new app is called My Meter Info. It will allow the customer to see how much water is consumed each hour, each day, each month on the account. It will also allow the customer to set alerts when the consumption level exceeds an expected usage.
  • The city will introduce the new app to all water customers by the end of October 2023.

Where can I find the most recent map of the TX Loop 9 site plan?

When will the city provide the newsletters digitally?

  • The city will wait to fully transition to the new water billing software, before exploring the concept of a digital newsletter distribution. The transition is expected to be completed by December 2023

Is there a demographic study within the past 2-3 years about Glenn Heights?

  • Yes, per the US Census Bureau, Quick Facts
  • Click Here

How can HOAs best support City leadership? Are there HOA specific topics that will be covered in future meetings?

  • Communication is key. Regular communication with between HOA leadership and city leadership will provide a holistic approach to addressing our citizens needs and concerns.

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