How do I enter?

Registration is not allowed on site. Check-in is between 4:30 to 5 p.m. under the Park Pavilion located in Heritage Community Park. Registration will close 5 minutes before judging takes place.

Participants may enter any recipe and it does not need to be an original recipe created by the entrant. Recipes may come from cookbooks, magazines, websites, or any other means. Please bring a copy of your recipe. All submissions will become property of the City of Glenn Heights. (You can take your Tupperware/cookware back home following the event.) Submissions must be home cooked (not store bought).

How to Submit Entries

Please do not submit anything that requires refrigeration as the event is held outside. All entries are to be submitted as a whole (complete pie, complete cake, complete loaf, etc.) or in the quantity of a half dozen or more. Participants should bring their own serving utensils (cake knife, pie server, etc). The City of Glenn Heights will provide plates, forks and napkins for the judges.

All entries are preferred to be submitted on a paper plate or recyclable container. In the case that it is not suitable for this, (ex. baked fruit pies), all containers used to submit the entry are the responsibility of the entrant. It is the entrant’s responsibility to pick up their container immediately following the announcement of winners at 7:15 p.m. All containers left afterward will be submitted to the lost and found. Neither the organizers of this event nor any representatives from the volunteer committee are in any way responsible for the distribution of your containers. In addition, all entries should be presented in a sealed container or in a new Ziploc bag or a new bag with a twist tie.

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