Emergency Services

Public safety is a big concern for the city. Fire and ambulance protection is provided by a well trained department. The fire department is staffed by paid personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and backed up by well trained local volunteers. Glenn Heights and the area cities have reciprocal agreements if the need for additional assistance is necessary.

Water provided through the municipal system is made up mostly of surface water from Dallas but is supplemented by treated local well water when necessary. Waste water is carried to the Regional Red Oak Creek Sewage Treatment Plant operated by the Trinity River Authority. This facility allows a balanced growth in home and business construction without the risk of damaging the environment through excessive septic system use. In fact, during the construction of the facility, major trunk lines were built in the region so that "Environmentally Friendly" developers throughout the Southern Watershed could have affordable access.

Fire Department

Firetruck Parked in Fire Station GarageThe mission of the Fire Department is to protect and serve our entire community with a commitment to professionalism and performance excellence.

You can find the Fire Department at:
1938 S Hampton Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154

Contact Us

To contact the Fire Department, call 972-223-1690, or fax 972-223-9307.

Police Department

Police Cruiser Parked OutsideThe mission of the Police Department is to provide services with integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of Glenn Heights.

You can find the Police Department at:
550 East Bear Creek Road
Glenn Heights, TX

Contact Us

To contact the Police Department, call 972-223-3478, or fax 972-274-3602.

Public Works

Excavation MachineThe mission of the Public Works Department is to provide services that affect the daily lives of all of Glenn Height's citizens and many visitors. Public Works strives to provide quality service to our customers and to meet the needs of our citizens, provide safe drinking water, sanitary sewer service, and family friendly parks with adequate drainage. All of these services ensure a community suited for comfortable living.

You can find the Public Works Department at:
2118 S Uhl Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154

Contact Us

To contact the Police Department, call 972-274-5100, or fax 972-274-5110.

Glenn Heights Water Tower