Traffic Study Information

STEP 2 – City conducts a traffic study of the requested street.  This study can include:

  • Existing Traffic Conditions
  • Projected Traffic Conditions
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Study
  • 24-hour Traffic Counts
  • Speed Survey
  • 3-year evaluation of Traffic Accidents and Crime Data
  • Examination of Technical Feasibility, Physical Conditions, and Impact
  • Review of Safe School Route and Pedestrian Flow
  • Confirmation of Proposed Device will not Affect Traffic Diversion on Other Streets

STEP 3 – Study Summaries Submitted to Affected City Departments for Review

Details for Neighborhood Applicants

1.Review existing conditions (Lanes, Sidewalks, Signs, Markings, Site Distance, Type of Roadway, etc.)

2.Conduct crash analysis (3 year look back)

3.Conduct vehicle and pedestrian 24 hour counts

4.Conduct vehicle classification counts

5.Conduct speed study 

6.Conduct turning movement counts

7.Department reviews (Public Works, Police Department, Fire, Plan)