Community Profile

Glenn Heights is a pleasant residential community that offers moderately priced homes just minutes from Dallas. The City is ideal for those who want the quiet life with the convenience of having access to the amenities of nearby metropolitan areas.

General City Information

Glenn Heights is a Home Rule City with a Council-Manager form of government.

Public Safety

Public safety is a serious concern for the city. Glenn Heights is proud of its full-time, professional Police Department. The Department staff includes a chief, detectives, local 911 operations/dispatch, and several full-time and reserve officers. The crime rate is low and the city leaders supported by the Police Department are committed to maintaining that standard.

The mission of the Glenn Heights Fire Department is to preserve life and promote health and safety through excellent pre-hospital treatment and transportation, fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue activities. These services are provided by a well-trained, professional department who maintain full-time operations 24/7/365. Volunteer firefighters are also available to support the Department. To ensure a robust response for all-hazards, the Fire Department and the departments form neighboring jurisdictions maintain mutual aid agreements.

Water Services

Water provided through the municipal system is generally comprised of surface water from Dallas but is supplemented by treated local well water when necessary. Waste water is carried to the Regional Red Oak Creek Sewage Treatment Plant operated by the Trinity River Authority.

This facility allows a balanced growth in home and business construction without the risk of damaging the environment through excessive septic system use. In fact, during the construction of the facility, major trunk lines were built in the region so that Environmentally Friendly developers throughout the Southern Watershed could have affordable access.

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