Library Card Voucher Program

The City of Glenn Heights and the City of Desoto have renewed our inter-local agreement to provide Dallas County residents with a voucher for a library card to be redeemed at Desoto's Public Library. One voucher per household will be issued to participating residents.  

Claim a Voucher

To claim a voucher for your family, please 

  • Fill out the Library Voucher Form
  • Print or screen shot this form and submit it to a Utility Billing Clerk at Glenn Heights City Hall - 1938 S. Hampton - C | Glenn Heights, TX 75154
  • The clerk will then issue a voucher that should be taken and turned in to the Desoto Public Library
  • Once submitted at the library, they will issue a public library card good for 2023. 

Contact Us

If you have extenuating circumstances and need special accommodations provided, please email the Office of Community Engagement.