Rental Registration

The City of Glenn Heights strives to ensure the health, safety, and cleanliness of all property within the city limits. To assist owners and tenants, the City of Glenn Heights developed a Rental Registration Program directed by the Glenn Heights Code Compliance Department.

On March 1, 2016, the City of Glenn Heights City Council passed ordinance O-03-16, establishing a registration/inspection program and minimum standards for rental dwelling units within the City of Glenn Heights. 


The purpose of the program is to protect the vitality and integrity of the City of Glenn Heights by ensuring rental properties are maintained in a safe and sanitary condition through proactive, yet fair and reasonable enforcement of codes and ordinances.


Rental registration requirements apply to all rental dwellings within the City of Glenn Heights. An annual registration shall be filed by the owner/owners of all property in which a rental dwelling exists.

Benefits of the Rental Registration Program


  • The City of Glenn Heights will be able to contact owners or landlords if an emergency occurs
  • Potential unsafe or unsanitary conditions should be lessened as a result of increased inspection activities

Neighborhood Stability and Property Value Protection:

  • Rental properties will be inspected more often, which will prevent minor code infractions from developing into major problems
  • This protects the neighborhood character, as well as the value of property for landlords and adjacent homeowners
  • Over time, increased inspections under the rental registration program will result in better-maintained housing within the City of Glenn Heights- thereby increasing property values and improving neighborhoods

Rental Accountability:

  • Foster a warranty of habitability
  • Develop and enhance records management on the condition of the property upon each change in tenancy